Poster Guidelines

All posters will be presented using e-posterboards.  THERE WILL BE NO PROVISION FOR PAPER POSTERS.


ePosterBoard Formatting Guidelines

General Guidelines:
• Recommended font size: 28pt or larger
• Slide/Poster size: 40.97×23.04, which is a 16:9 ratio.
• Single or Multiple pages slides/may be used for poster.
• Multiple slides/pages should be used if there is additional content, images, graphs and videos that needs to be displayed on your poster.
• If multiple pages are used, slides/pages need to either be timed or the “mouse click” option should be chosen for each slide/page to advance.
• Videos, animations, graphs and images can be embedded into your poster.
• Embedded video may be displayed in the following formats:
o .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .avi, mpeg
• Layout will be set up as Landscape. Please email us at with any formatting questions.
• ePoster templates that have the same dimensions as the monitors are available for download on the E-Posterboard website:

IMPORTANT: Due to difference in operating system standards and character sets, mathematical formulas created in Windows often don’t display correctly on MAC OS, even in PowerPoint. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you save formulas as images.


Click here for tips on making the most of your presentation. Click here to learn more about the benefits of e-posters.




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